The Sacred Arts Initiative at St. Vladimir’s Seminary explores the intersection of human creativity and holiness.


The Orthodox Christian Tradition has always affirmed the material creation and human creativity.

The liturgy is a sacred sensory experience, in which music, iconography, architecture, poetry, incense, and movement, are all brought together. Orthodox theology and worship invite a holistic approach to the liturgical arts, as well as to the expressions of the holy within all art forms.

St Vladimir’s Seminary has fostered the study of icons, music and liturgy since its founding in 1938. Building upon the successes of the Arvo Pärt Project—which explores the connections between the composer’s Orthodox Christian faith and his music—we are launching the Sacred Arts Initiative to explore what an integrated theological study of sacred arts could look like. The Henry Luce Foundation, a supporter of the the Pärt Project, is helping the seminary refine and define its contribution to the theological study of the arts. The Sacred Arts Initiative intends to:

  • Contribute meaningfully to the work of people & institutions engaged in the practice of & reflection on the sacred arts.

  • Support a wider public interest in arts & spirituality.

  • Help the seminary discern ways forward for establishing an ongoing program in the sacred arts.