Conference Opening

Introduction and welcome / Fr. Chad Hatfield, President, St. Vladimir's Seminary, Lisa Radakovich Holsberg, associate director of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center of Fordham University, and member of the conference advisory board -- The sound of silence: the appeal of Arvo Pärt to the human heart / His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon -- Sounding the sacred / Peter Bouteneff, director of the Sacred Arts Initiative and the Arvo Pärt Project

Arvo Pärt & the Piano

Sounding the body, singing the soul: Arvo Pärt and the piano / Adriana Helbig, University of Pittsburgh -- Playing and listening: a phenomenological discussion of Arvo Pärt’s Für Alina / Maria Cizmic, University of South Florida

Concert at Holy Trinity Church

Recording of the concert held 3 May 2017 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 213 West 82 Street, New York, NY

Chamber Music Concert

[held in Platt Atrium, Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus]

Recording of the concert held 4 May 2017 at Edith Guldi Platt Atrium, Fordham Law School, New York, NY

Silence & Beyond Silence

Performing the stillness of the mountain : silence and the Athonite pilgrimage topography / Christos Kakalis, Newcastle University -- Beyond silence / Philippe Grisar, Sint Niklaas, Belgium -- Transforming silence : ma and liminality in Arvo Pärt / Brian V. Sengdala, Westminster Choir College

Sounding Across Faith Traditions

One plus one equals one: joy and sorrow as manifested in Suf’i songs / Sevin Yaraman, Fordham University -- Performance and demonstration of Suf’i music and dance


Spatial and Political Aspects of Pärt & Sound

Sonic luminosity: sacred and secular acoustics in the long nineteenth century / Joseph L. Clarke, University of Toronto -- Composing amidst the resonance of Pärt’s bells / Ben Lunn, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Tintinnabulation & Non-Tintinnabulation

Reimagining text-music relationship in Arvo Pärt’s Como cierva sedienta / Mark Vuorinen, University of Waterloo -- The music of peace / Nicholas Sooy, Fordham University, Orthodox Peace Fellowship, and Stuart Ryerse, New England Conservatory of Music

Sounding Liturgical Architecture & Chant

Transcendent visions: voice and icon in Hagia Sophia / Bissera Pentcheva, Stamford University -- Christian liturgical chant and the musical reorientation of Arvo Pärt / Alexander Lingas, City University of London


Sounding Pärt: Sound Studies, Acoustics, and History

Vibrating, and silent: Pärt’s material acoustics / Jeffers Engelhardt, Amherst College -- Medieval Pärt / Andrew Albin, Fordham University


Tintinnabuli in musical and geopolitical context

Sounding structure, structured sound / Toomas Siitan, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre -- Forgotten sounds, unheard sound: tintinnabuli and the 1970s Soviet underground / Kevin C. Karnes, Emory University

Pärt: Performance & Embodiment

A panel presentation and discussion featuring Andrew Shenton, Pieter Stas (Goeyvaerts Trio), Yousif Sheronick, and special guest Laurie Anderson

Sounding Theology

Presence, absence, and the ambiguities of ambiance: theological discourse and the move to sound in Arvo Pärt / Robert Saler, Christian Theological Seminary -- The materiality of sound and the theology of the incarnation in the music of Arvo Pärt / Ivan Moody, CESEM - Universidade Nova, Lisbon