Metropolitan Tikhon Endorses Arvo Pärt Project from St Vladimir’s Seminary on Vimeo.

In this video, Metropolitan Tikhon expresses his strong endorsement of the seminary’s collaboration with the composer Arvo Pärt. Citing this as an important missionary effort, and a celebration of beauty and excellence, His Beatitude invites us to join him in supporting this work. This Project has been hailed by the New York Times as “the perfect match: a major Orthodox cultural figure celebrated by a pre-eminent Orthodox institution.”


My wife Nora and I have come to feel confident that our work together with St. Vladimir’s will lead to a deeper understanding of some fundamental elements of my music, something we have never before been able to express. I am personally grateful for any and all support that can be offered towards these projects, on which I am placing great hope. Arvo Pärt

The Arvo Pärt Project is doing something really important for those who love Pärt’s music and wish to understand his far-reaching significance. The Project embraces Pärt as a source of spiritual sustenance and musical inspiration, a constant presence in different corners of popular culture, and an artist deeply engaged in Orthodox Christianity. This is challenging work that Professors Bouteneff and Reeves and the community at St Vladimir’s are uniquely qualified to undertake. Professor Jeffers Engelhardt, Amherst College

It’s been a pleasure and privilege to work with the team of the Arvo Pärt Project. Pärt’s music has achieved a ubiquity and relevance in popular culture well beyond that obtained by most classical composers, and in so doing has brought about a sea change in our attitude and thirst for emotionally complex composed music. Collaborating with Arvo Pärt Project on a live webcast from the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and on a 24-hour marathon of Pärt’s music on Q2 Music will be among the benchmarks in our radio station’s efforts to demonstrate the unflagging power and unique beauty that contemporary classical music has to offer. Alex Ambrose, Producer for WQXR’s Q2 Music

Pärt is a practicing Eastern Orthodox Christian, which is frequently mentioned but often left unexplored. Critics and fans compare his contemplative, austere music to the painted icons central to Eastern Orthodoxy, but rarely delve into those connections in detail. Filling in these gaps is one of the goals of the Arvo Pärt Project. …It’s the perfect match: a major Orthodox cultural figure celebrated by a pre-eminent Orthodox institution. William Robin, New York Times, May 18, 2014

The Henry Luce Foundation congratulates St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary as the dynamic and creative Arvo Pärt Project comes to American concert halls and wider audiences in 2014. Committed to linking theology and the arts, St. Vladimir’s is the ideal host, presenting the famed composer’s beautiful music and exploring the roots of his music in his faith. We thank the Project’s co-directors, Peter Bouteneff and Nicholas Reeves, for their imagination and their invitation to collaborate in his historic opportunity. With countless others, we look forward to these concerts and to the rich conversations that will echo for years. Michael Gilligan, President, Henry Luce Foundation

How can we support the Project?
The Arvo Pärt Project will continue its work after this season’s concerts. There are publications, lectures, and conferences planned, continuing this vital work. We need your prayers and your financial support. If you have any questions about how and why to donate, please contact us!