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SAI Symposium Participant Margot Fassler Completes Documentary on Coptic Chant Traditions

Where the Hudson Meets the NileTeaching Coptic Liturgical Chant in Jersey City, a short documentary film by Christian Jara and Margot Fassler, explores theways chant has been taught at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Jersey City by singers David Labib and Steve Soliman, with attention to the place of the music in the formation of communal identity. Filmed over several years of time, the film enters into teaching practices within a completely memorized oral tradition developed by the singers to encourage children and youth to learn a vast and highly complex repertory of melodies.Through this teaching children are prepared for roles in the church of the future as congregants, as deacons, and as future monks and priests. Read the Rest of the Article HERE.