St Vladimir’s Seminary Launches Parish Music Program

St. Vladimir’s Seminary recently launched a program that offers training for readers, choir conductors, and choir members in local parish settings. Called “Revitalizing Parish Music,” the program creates tailor-made solutions to typical problems experienced by church choirs and choir directors.

“St. Vladimir’s has always striven to express the beauty of our faith through music, and to bring this into parishes,” said Robin Freeman, the new Director of Music at the Seminary. “Thousands of faithful recall the Octet that traversed the country; the music books and CDs published by SVS Press that enriched music programs and introduced new repertoire; and The Institute of Liturgical Music and Pastoral Practice, which provided training for church musicians who desired to hone their skills.

“Our new program,” she explained, “combines aspects of all these initiatives and brings them right into the parish.”

Mrs. Freeman, an accomplished singer and choral conductor, has developed half-day, full-day, and weekend workshops for parish choirs, addressing everything from “music reading skills” to “achieving a unified choral sound” for choir members; and everything from “building a vocabulary of gestures” to “placing singers in the correct voice parts” for directors. Parish choirs may choose from among a variety of Sessions and Workshops to suit the individual needs of their particular ensemble.

Parishes may even choose to invite the “SVOTS Chamber Choir” for the weekend. Chamber Choir section leaders can help train members of the parish choir by singing alongside them in rehearsals and liturgical services. The workshop can culminate in a concert performed by the parish choir or the Chamber Choir, or a combination thereof. (Read a full description of the program, including sample Sessions and Workshops, and pricing options, here). Original Post Can be Found Here