Arvo Pärt Found Objects

Cultivating Stillness

Arvo Pärt is an Estonian composer born in 1935. His compositions have had a deeper impact on music and culture than maybe any other living composer – minimalists build off his tintinnabuli songwriting technique, performers continue to experiment with his arrangements, and, perhaps most importantly, The Simpsons included Spiegel Im Spiegel in a couch gag. As a part of the Live Ideas festival (April 15-19) – sponsored by New York Live Arts and curated by Laurie Anderson – Arvo Pärt’s music will be the subject of a full day’s events. His work will sit alongside the festival’s impressive collection of musicians, including: Eyvind Kang performing Time Medicine with Laurie Anderson; Pauline Oliveros and IONE’s Water Above/Sky Below Now; John Zorn presenting music from In the Hall of Mirrors and his Masada project; and a Tai Chi demonstration set to Lou Reed’s DRONES.